Friday, March 12, 2010

Sick Days and Time Travel

Day 3 of my Annual Cold. I was planning on going to a gigantic Japanese $2 store in Richmond called Daiso. There's one very similar to it in Tinsletown (for non-Vancouverites, that's on the outskirts of downtown), and bought an adorable little plastic make-up bag with cupcakes on it. Anyway, Jo told me she was going to take me on a magical journey to the Land of Daiso, but if I had gone outside today (for longer than a dog walk, that is) I would have died.

So I spent the entire days indoors, and holy FUCK, it was boring.

I did mention a dog walk. That was my fresh air today. I'd woken up very, very late (since I'd gone to bed at 5am last night/this morning), so this walk took place somewhere around 11:30-noon. Poor Macey, normally she gets out a lot earlier than that.
As I left, wearing the dress I'd fallen asleep in, and a huge red winter coat that belonged to my dad (my mum has the matching one; seems pointless now that they're separated).
ANYWAY. Man, I'm good at getting off topic.

We walked down the little path behind my house, and continued walking in the direction of the playground at the bottom of the hill. But we hung a right, at the little island in the intersection of three paths. When I was much younger, I had a dream that that area was filled with high grass, and I was playing with Tigger. The dream then took a sinister turn, as the sun was blotted out and crows called. Tigger was gone, and I was filled with the sensation of dread. I think of this dream almost every time I walk past that island.

So we walked past this little island, which actually looks like a real island in the middle of the cement, and keep right. This is the way I used to walk to kindergarten (and grades 1, 2 and 3). There's a little cement semi-circle that jut's out from the path on the right side. When it used to be empty, and I used to be about 7 or 8, I would debate with the mother (Brenda) of a childhood friend and neighbour (Midas) about what they would put there. I argued that there would be a bench, a picnic table and a garbage can. She told me they'd probably put three benches. She was right, they did eventually put three benches there, all dedicated to someone dead. I still think my bet would have been cooler. Pfft, adults.

It starts raining off and on as I come up to the road, but by the time I cross it, the rain stops completely. Funny, funny weather. I cross the street and head towards the Annex, my old primary school. They have like, 10 cherry blossom trees planted all around the small parking lot, and they're all in bloom right now. Every year, they're gorgeous for about 2 weeks, and then all the petals fall off and turn into brown slop on the road.

I walk around the left side of the school, the side where all my classes were, kindergarten through Grade 3. Venturing into the other side of the school always felt weirdly foreign to me, like I was traveling to somewhere completely different. My own side was very familiar and comforting. I still prefer walking along that left side.

Hugging the outside of the red building, Macey and I walk onto the cement, painted with hopscotch outlines and other games that were always a mystery. There was one, where you stand on a line and jump, as far as you can, and measure the distance. I always thought I could jump farther than I actually could. I was tempted to try it again, but for some reason I didn't let myself. Maybe I will next time, and see if I can finally live up to my own expectations.

Wow, I started writing this on Friday, and now it's Monday night. This is why I don't write stories anymore, I'm just about the best procrastinator there has ever been.

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