Friday, March 26, 2010

Lady in the Water and District Camps

I've just finished watching one of my all time favourite movies, Lady in the Water, for the 4th time. No matter how many times I see it, this story will always bring tears to my eyes.

What really bothers me is how people really hate it. If you look it up on Wikipedia (legit, I know), the entire Reception area of the article is just all negative. They talk about the ego of M. Night Shyamalan, and the obvious metaphor of the character that is a film critic. The films was "nominated for four Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay, winning two for Shyamalan as both Worst Director and Worst Supporting Actor."

Seriously? When are people going to stop talking and complaining long enough to be able to appreciate something beautiful? Okay, Shyamalan makes some weird movies, and maybe there aren't enough explosions or sex in them, but christ, doesn't anybody feel anymore? Who gives a shit if Shyamalan is placing his character, and ultimately himself, on a pedestal? Have we lost the ability to just sit and observe and feel?

If you are unfamiliar with the plot of Lady in the Water, I strongly suggest that you head over to your nearest video store and rent it. Personally, I think watching it by yourself is the best way to see it. It is a movie that should be watched in silence, so you can really let yourself think about it.

It is a fairytale, yes. However, it was marketed as a horror movie. I remember seeing the ads for it in 2006 and thinking "Man, I'm never going to see that movie." They made the TV ads out to be way scarier than it is (it's not scary at all). Still, they have it down under "thriller". Sure, there's some suspense in it, and it leaves the audience wondering what happens next, but "thriller" seems like the wrong word to use here. More like, "mesmerizing", if that could be a category.

Personally, I'm a sucker for stories like this. Normal people in a very normal setting brought together by something completely unreal. As much as I say I hate people (I really do, most of the time), I love it when we are brought together in situations like this. At one point in the movie, one of the main characters (her name is Story) says "everything is connected". I would like to believe that, that we're somehow all tied to one another. It's a very lovely thought.

Point is, watch Lady in the Water.

Ho-hum. Today I'm going to go to that District Camp with Jo and Karina, and be kitchen slaves. Jo called and told me the kit list yesterday, and god, it brings back so many memories. For those of you that don't know, a District Camp is when Girl Guides of all ages (Sparks, Brownies, Guides and sometimes Pathfinders) get together and go stay at a large camp together. In this case, it is being held at Camp Howdy in Coquitlam. I've never been here before, so I know nothing about it. But I'm assuming it's the same as every other large camp I've ever gone to. There are cabins, and a large dining hall that's the HQ. There are going to be mundane activities, crafts, nature walks and other seriously boring stuff. Thank fuck I'm not a younger member anymore. As an adult member, and kitchen staff, I'm hoping this gives me the chance to say no to anything I don't want to do.

Things that are a big no-no on the kit list?

-NO jeans
-NO open-toed shoes
-NO electronics
-NO tank tops
-NO baseball caps

You MUST, however, have a wide-brimmed hat though, to protect yourself from all that awful March sun that we get here on the West Coast.
Now, I haven't owned a dorky hat like that since I was 13, and only because I got it for free at another camp that I went to. In fact, I don't own a hat at all. Or a proper pair of pants, running shoes, raincoat, or boots. I am going to wear a pair of leggings, a skirt and some little velcro tennis shoes the whole time, with my head uncovered and a tank top hidden under a plaid shirt. There. And damn it all if I'm not bringing my cellphone or my iPod. No electronics? Are you joking me? What century is this? I will seriously die if I have to be surrounded by children for te entire weekend without the solace of my iPod to turn to.

What's that you say? Girl Guide camp sounds an awful lot like a Nazi internment camp? That's because Hitler borrowed ideas from Girl Guide leaders. Honestly, most Girl Guide leaders are just awful, boring, unmarried, middle-aged women with nothing more to look forward to than selling cookies at the nearest Rona and making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch (joke only relevant if you've ever been a in Guides). I don't know what happened to make these women so boring, but for the love of god, I hope it never happens to me. These leaders seem to be anti-fun, only giving you 30 minutes of free time everyday (don't they give you, like, an hour in jail?) and are against you having any time to yourself. I was honestly scolded on a number of occasions for reading quietly by myself in my tent. Yes. This happened. Because damn it if they'll let you be an individual.

All of that aside, however, I think I might have fun. In the kitchen will be me, Karina, Jo, Belinda and Debbie. I don't really know the last two very well, but they seem like okay people. I'm assuming the majority of my time will be spent in the kitchen with these people, which is fine by me. I like food, and I like talking, as you can clearly see by how long this post is. Dear god, I'm out of control.

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