Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bored, Bored and Bored

I feel like I'm stuck in this horrible, boring rut.

I'm not in school, I'm not really doing Guiding anymore, I am in no sports, and social gatherings give me anxiety attacks.

What's a reject to do?

Start improving her life, that's what!

I made a list in my journal (an actual, numbered list. The term 'dork' is applicable here) of all the things I want to do to make my life less bland, and perhaps more meaningful (???).

1. Read more books.

I used to read ALL THE TIME, and now I never do, which is stupid, because I have loads more time than I used to. To remedy this, I'm going to go to the Burnaby Public Library and get a library card, and try to spend a lot of time there.

2. Ride my bike.

Riding a bike is much nicer than busing everywhere, and it's such good exercise. I remember a time when I rode my bike everywhere. I miss it. But! My dad got me a cool new bike! It was made in France, and it's pink! Needs a little work, but it will be in working order soon.

3. Exercise.

Self-explanatory. I need to lose some weight before the summer.

4. Savings account and an RRSP

I am going to go to the bank on Saturday, make an appointment with them, and get myself a goddamn savings account. This is ridiculous, I'm an adult. I want to move the fuck out, but I keep spending all my money. Also, I need an RRSP so I can be super rich when I'm an old lady.

5. Volunteer?!

Yeah, I know right? Me, volunteering? But I am suddenly feeling the need to help people. Maybe it was seeing all those images from Haiti and Chile. I actually considered dropping everything and just volunteering for relief work in Chile. Maybe I'll do something a little closer to home. I would love to help out in a Women's Shelter. I don't really know what that entails, but I would like to do it. Geez, where is all this humanity coming from?

What I'm trying to say is, I feel like my life has no meaning. I work, I sit at home, I (sometimes) get to see Max. But I want to do more. I almost miss being in school, and I'm thinking about taking one class in the summer to get the old noggin' working again. Karina said her Philosophy class was really great, and I bet I could get into some great arguments in there. And, I've really been wanting to take Italian, and apparently Capilano offers it. Now, I was thinking about going to Capilano for post secondary schooling anyway, so this offers some incentive.

Well, food for thought. That is all, just the musings of a bored girl today.

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