Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Books and Brothers

I've decided to finally take inventory of all my books. I thought about this a couple nights ago, and put it off until now. I wanted to compile some kind of list of all the books I have. Since I've been bringing things over to my dad's, I have two boxes and two big bags full of books, and about an hour and a half ago, I set out writing them all down.

I took a bunch of lined paper, and marked them all A-Z, and began taking down authors names. The way I've done it is like so:

  • World War Z
  • The Zombie Survival Guide
Last name, first name, and then all the books I have by them underneath.

I can't believe how long I was doing that for, actually. I don't know the exact time I started, but it was somewhere around 12, possibly 12:30ish. Shit, so almost 2 hours. I just put my iTunes on shuffle and repeat, and got down to business.

For a lot of the authors, I had to leave blank spots under their names, because I knew I had more of their books back at my mum's. It was actually really fun, in a completely nerdy way. I can't wait to get the rest of the books from my mum's so I can write them all down too.

In other (terrible) news, Peter has been suspended from school. Two boys brought some shrooms on the May Long Weekend band trip, and talked Peter into trying them. The fourth boy who was sharing a room with them left because he presumably didn't want to be around his friends while they were high, and the teachers found him and asked he wasn't in his room. He eventually caved and told them, and Peter got caught.
He said the only reason he did it was because he didn't want the other two to tease him for the rest of the trip. So, in attempt to shut them up, he did the drugs. Apparently he got really sick and puked too. I bet her did. That kid can't even smoke weed without freaking out.
I feel really, really bad for him. Kind of like I've failed him somehow. I didn't manage to pass any of my own ferocity on to him. See, if it had been me in the same situation, I would have said no to the drugs, and then told those motherfuckers to suck my dick if they called me a pussy. Peter, for all his assholeness, is really just a big softie.
So now he's suspended, and he feels like shit. He's been trying really hard to stop with all the drugs, and then these little bitches bring shit on their band trip. Like, honestly, children? You can't get through the weekend without shrooms, possibly the gayest drug of them all? You assholes are FIFTEEN, get over yourselves.
Clearly, I should find these cunts and kill them. And the rat.

Aaaaah Peter, don't worry. Things will turn out okay. He has to have a meeting with the principle soon, and mom and dad have to be present. For all her insanity, mum is generally pretty reliable. She won't let him be expelled.

Christ, and now it's 4 am. What's wrong with me? Why can't I sleep at normal hours? The weird thing is, I don't even feel tired at all. I feel like... normal. God, I gotta stop doing this.

Peace it.


  1. I'm going to have to do that with my books soon... Not hard cause they're all on one shelf in alphabetical order by author, but the hard part is that I might have to get rid of some of them. There are a few that I definitely want to bring with me, but I have no idea how I would do that. Books are HEAVY. So they cost more to send, and I can't really pack them in my suitcase. : /
    The other question is what I'm going to do with the books I don't keep...