Monday, May 10, 2010

Dreams and Busyness

Ever have those dreams that just go on and on forever? Like you're watching some insane movie instead of dreaming?

Last night was one of those cool ones. There were vampires vs, werewolves, me ranting in a mall with an audience, fast cars and mean dogs, and I can't remember what else.

Okay, so the vampires vs. werewolves part was very cool. There were insane fight scenes. There was one boy (a werewolf) telling me how his mother (also a werewolf) was killed by a vampire. And then I saw it. She was jumping out of a window, all the way across this thousand foot void, to another building. As she's in mid air, the vampire (who's looking out the window on the opposite building) picks up a huge chest of drawers and hurtles it at her. The momentum carries her all the way back to the bulding she jumped from, smashing a huge hole in the side and kills her. Her son, the narrator, is only like, 5 years old at the time, and is just sitting beside her huge, mangled wolf corpse as the authorities come to check everything out. It was fuuuucked, but so cool.

As for the mall, some guy tried to pick me up, and I shot him down (rather wittily, I might add). Then this chola tries to talk to me about how I was a bitch for turning him down. We were in front of one of those Orange Julius/Dairy Queen hyrbids, and then I gave this amazing (and hypocritical, I just realized) speech about how you should never judge people by their outward appearances, skin colour, etc. And like, I had the entire food court captivated. I don't even remember what the hell I was talking about, and dream me kept stuttering as she talked (oh, how realistic). It was actually a really cool speech, if only I could remember it. And I was like, acting everything out. It was pretty cool.

The webcomic business is going slooowly. I'm too busy to draw right now, although I have gotten the whole prologue sketched, and some of the first chapter. I know I'll pick it up again after this week.

May 11th - decorating and cooking for the wedding shower
May 12th - Wedding Shower
May 13th - Not quite sure actually, but I know there was something
May 14th - Rachels 18th birthday
May 15th - Wedding

And no work on all of those days :(

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