Friday, May 21, 2010

Salmon Pâté and Bruised Sternums

Another day.

Worked today, but it was one of those good work days, when all your favourite people are there, you have nice stuff to eat for break, and none of the customers demean you. One of those days.

At one point, a customer (one of our regulars) came in an asked if we had salmon pâté. We unfortunately do not, and he left, blah blah, whatever.
A couple hours later, I was concentrating on which sausages I wanted to buy for my breakfast tomorrow, when he was suddenly standing next to me and joked "So, have any salmon pâté now?" I laughed and said no, and he said "Well, I made some, so you guys can try it." And then he gave me homemade salmon pâté! Like, for free! I was like "Oh damn, thanks!" Shared it with Maria and James, and my god, it is delicious. I'm eating the remainder of it now, with the leftovers of my kamut baguette. Ooh, aren't I fancy. I kind of worried that maybe he poisoned the pâté... But then I reasoned that, if he'd killed us, he wouldn't be able to come back to Famous Foods, and since he comes in all the time I figured that would be a pretty big blow to him.

Maria told me I should marry him, because he can make stuff like that. Well, maybe. Max never makes me pâté :/

In other news, I believed I have bruised my sternum, that little plate of bone in the middle of you chest that joins both sides of your rib cage together. It is exceedingly painful when I move, breathe or laugh. I think it's from work. I've kind of had something like this before, and it's from putting too much pressure on that area. So, lifting really heavy things, or slicing really tough deli meats. Hey, guess what I did all day?

Max is going to be away for the next 10 days. First hes in DC, judging some huge event. And then he's going to San Juan. Lucky boy. Wish I could go to places like San Juan. So now I'm stuck here with no boy for the next week and a half. Boring.

I've realized that I'm starting to ramble, so maybe I should just stop writing now. It's 1:10 am. When am I going to get my sleeping schedule back in order.

Peace it.

PS. I really need to start writing about interesting things, and getting more people to read this.

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