Sunday, May 16, 2010


So the wedding was today. I was actually surprised at how low stress our preparationg were this morning. Woke up at 8:30 (actually, I slept in til 9:30 because I was so beat) and had a shower, and went to get my hair done. It's pretty much the same, just a trim. But the fucking hairdresser thought I was 16! |:< Wtfffffff. She was asking about my sister, because we've been in together sometimes, and I said she was good, and that she'd just turned 18 yesterday. And she was like "Oh, okay... Wait, what? Ohhh I thought you were like 16!" Fuck my liiiife.

So, hair did, and we kind of just went home and hung around until it was time to go. I bought some liquid brown eyeliner, which I actually like a lot. It's a lot bolder than a pencil, and makes your makeup instantly more dramatic. And hey, you pretty much don't need to reapply it, unlike pencil liner. Did my makeup, straightened my bangs and put on my dress (SO PRETTY). Aw shit, I just realized there are no pictures of me, like just me, that I could post. Or of the dress. Well, maybe I'll remedy that later.

Anyway, Peter in his kilt, Max (who looked fantastic) and I took a cab there, and Mum, Sean, Rachel and Maya drove. We ended up getting there waaaay before them, BUT, I left the envelope with Jenny and Ross' wedding present in it at home in my other purse. Fuck, fuck me. But it's alright, I'll give it to them on a later date.

It was a church ceremony, because Ross is Catholic, and man, faith makes me uncomfortable. And then my mum kept looking over at me when everyone was saying their 'amens' and whatever, like "Oh my god, you're being rude." Well, sorry I'm "the Big A", as Sean put it. And there was this part in the ceremony where the priest was reading something like "fear the Lord for he is..." and then everyone repeats the same thing. And it just sounded like some fucked up FEAR THE WRATH OF GOD mantra.
But it was a nice ceremony. I'll admit, I teared up a little bit, but only once, when Jenny walked in with her dad. And oh, I just realized that Jenny never threw her bouquet.

The reception was at Van Dusen gardens, and the was okay. There were a couple of speechs, a faggy poem written by Ross' mom and accompanied by a slideshow, and dancing. And seriously, this dress like, leaked glitter everywhere. I am personally covered in glitter: my hair, my arms, my chest, my face, my legs, and pretty much everything I touched/went near. My seat in the church, my seat at the reception, the dance floor, the bathroom stall I used, Maxs' hair/face/clothes, and everyone else I came into contact with. Like, I am serious; it was all over the dance floor.

And aaah, I wish I wasn't such a freak. I wanted to dance more and chill, but I got all stressed out. But Max coerced me into dancing more than a few times, and I ended up having a good time. They played Sandstorm vs Blow Your Mind (a short version, thank god) so I had to dance to that. A few other good songs, and only a couple slow ones. We danced to all of those. The last one was 8 Days A Week, and it was very sweet because Max was singing the words to me as we danced. Le sigh.

And you know what would be fun? If we could take dance lessons. Like, some kind of traditional ballroom dancing. Or like, swing dancing or something. I dunno, I've kind of always wanted, and it would be a fun thing to do together. Problem is that those kinds of things generally need $$$ to do. Ah well.

Aaaalrighty, I am way to tired to continue with this. There was some family drama, but I'm sure that'll come up later and I'll have a chance to talk about it another time.

Peace it.

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